Monday, December 7, 2009

One of the Kind

In the Christmas Spirit - acrylic
Zina Chmielowski©2009

I kind of hesitated to visit Christmas show this year... We went with my daughter yesterday, which was the last day. We enjoyed it. As usually a lot of jewelry, hats, clothing and of course food...
As usually, the vendors from Montreal or generally from Quebec had the most interesting, creative and inventive products. After a while we really got tired of seeing so much..., but after tasting and the amazing sweets at the food vendors section, we got energized and finished the show seeing everything! I happy to see a few very interesting visual artists, which is always encouraging... not seeing only crafts...
So, in summary... we were really glad that we went.


  1. Hi Zina,

    Whenever I see a new painting of yours I am struck by how versatile an artist you are. "In the Christmas Spirit" transcends the Christmas theme- it's lovely, beautiful.


  2. Thanks a lot, Paul.
    I really appreciate your comment.
    Would love to read your posting...

  3. Hello again Paul,
    By posting I meant your blog...

  4. There was some beautiful work there but not too much that compares to yours. I'm so proud each time I see a new one of your pieces! xoxo